I bought four new albums last Friday. My goal is to buy at least 2 new albums every two weeks. Now, when I say new, it doesn’t exactly mean it’s a new release, it could very well end up being an artist i’ve never even heard of, but I enjoy that challenge. This week I bought

LIGHTS “The Listening”

Florence and the Machine “Lungs

The Lumineers

Lana Del Ray “Born To Die”

We can very much already know that I think that what ever Lights does is amazing so yes I very much enjoyed her album. It was interesting actually, on the car ride home The Lumineers song came on the radio “Ho Hey” and I made a comment on how I don’t like the song and then He made me realize that I had bought there album which in turn I was disappointed about. The next day I put the album on and listened to its entirety. I fell in love with them and I can also say that “Ho Hey” is the only song on their album I don’t like. The only explanation I have for not enjoying that song is because they keep repeating the words “Ho Hey”, when I actually listened to the lyrics I enjoyed that but still not a fan of that song. It was still a great investment.

  While I was purchasing the albums my friend made a comment that no one buys albums anymore. No one physically goes to HMV or where ever else and actually buys the album. They just either listen to everything Youtube or buy the “album” on iTunes. I hate that. I love putting on a CD and looking through the art work and pictures of the album while listening to the artist. Googling pictures and listening to them on iTunes is not exactly the same thing. It’s by far the most disappointing realization that no one does buy albums anymore. Not okay.

I remember listening to interviews of artists speaking about the inspiration behind designing their album art work. the drawings, the photo-shoot. The next generation won’t even know what any of that is. Okay maybe not the next generation, but give it some time.